What we offer Family Lawyers -

We Have Experience of Working with Family Lawyers

We have worked with Family Lawyers for 20 years.  We have helped you help your clients by providing you with informed advice about their finances.

We can help you get a better deal for your Client

When your clients get in touch  we can discuss their Pensions, the value of  other assets and whether or not there will be enough income for the future.

We Suggest Obtaining Valuations at an Early Stage

We believe that it is advisable to obtain valuations at the beginning of the case so that a fair sharing of the assets can take place.

You will advise your clients as to the best route to take  but we know from your feedback that you prefer to do so with the best information possible.

As always we are delighted to have informal discussions with you about matters relating to your clients but we thought it would be useful to give you a more structured idea of the services we offer.

The Services We Offer

These services are for the benefit of your clients but instructed through you.

We can;

  • Discuss a new case with you, meet with your client and prepare a Financial Plan
  • Provide detailed advice and recommendations in relation to Pension Sharing
  • Supply valuations of financial assets in more complex cases
  • Prepare bespoke reports where required
    Assist your client with Financial Planning for the future

The list is not exhaustive and we are keen to help in any way we can.